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MulTed corpus

The corpus will be available for Download soon Abstract: The MulTed is a multilingual aligned and tagged parallel corpus. i.e.,  it is multilingual and Part of Speech (PoS) tagged, but the sentence-alignment is bilingual, with English as a pivot language. ...

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Other publications

Other Publications in Natural Language Processing field: Mazroui, A.; Lakhouaja, A.; Reqqass, M.; Ould Abdallahi Ould Bebah, M.; 2014. “البرامج الحاسوبية المستخدمة في بناء المدونات المعجمية وتدبيرها: دراسة تقويمية”. In: Chapter of the book “Towards a Historical Dictionary of Arabic”. Arab ...

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National conferences

National conferences in Natural Language Processing field: Nassiri N.; Lakhouaja A.; Cavalli-Sforza V.; 2020. “Évaluation automatique de la difficulté des textes arabes”. In the Mathematics and Computer Science Doctoral Day, February 2020.Oujda, Morocco. Safae, B.; Azzeddine, M.; Majda, S.; Abderrahim, B.; ...

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5th International Conference on Arabic Language Processing – CITALA 2014 – November 26th – 27th 2014, Oujda, Morocco The fifth International Conference on Arabic Language Processing (CITALA’14) was held in the Faculty of Sciences, Oujda, Morocco, in November 2014, under ...

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About us

Natural Language Processing Team in Computer Science Laboratory Faculty of Sciences, Mohamed First University Oujda, Morocco. Recent decades have seen an exponential development of the digital content. The exploitation of this content in an optimal time has required solving several ...

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