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Many children, since the early years of schooling, face different learning disorders usually identified as dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. These disorders are simply an unusual way of acquiring new knowledge and skills. However, they disturb the normal academic achievement of the child and may risk a long-term effect on his/her social life. Therefore, we present a set of games designed and addresses Dyslexic children from the kindergarten stage to the early stages of primary education. In particular, these games delicately target Arabic learning difficulties and assist the dyslexic child to overcome his/her reading and writing complications. Moreover, the games contain a virtual companion who recites the instructions for the player in order to enhance the listening comprehension of the player and to train his/her oral instructions understanding. The major aspects treated by these games are:

  • The orthographic similar letters and words distinguishing;
  • The phonological similar letters and words distinguishing;
  • Short and visual memory training;
  • Pictured and written languages bindings.

In addition, the proposed games are based on the Piaget’s constructivist learning theory. e.g., the information presented to the learner will be transmitted by parts at first, then to the whole. Expressly, the learners will progressively be facing the letters at first level, then words, and the sentences at last.
It worth to mention, these games are not a tool to cure the dyslexic but they present a reliable learning support which ensures for him/her an authentic, safe and private place to enhance his/her learning skills.

For further details, please contact us at: a.elkah@ump.ac.ma

DysGames :


Letters Games

Meet the letters Letters’ position
Similar letters The missing letter


Words Games

Vocabulary games Words construction
Cartoon opening songs


Sentences Games


Sentence’s order Text order


Arabic Grammar


First Level Second Level
Third Level Fourth Level

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