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Download About The first version of Nemlar corpus was produced within the NEMLAR project. This is a set of annotated Arabic texts collected from 13 different domains and contains about 500,000 words. The Arabic Language Processing team (ALP team) of ...

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MulTed corpus

The corpus will be available for Download soon Abstract: The MulTed is a multilingual aligned and tagged parallel corpus. i.e.,  it is multilingual and Part of Speech (PoS) tagged, but the sentence-alignment is bilingual, with English as a pivot language. ...

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OSIAN corpus

The corpus will be available for Download soon You can download sample files Abstract: The Open Source International Arabic News (OSIAN) corpus has been collected from international Arabic news websites like CNN, DW, RT, Aljazeera, among others. With a server-friendly ...

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Abstract: Many children, since the early years of schooling, face different learning disorders usually identified as dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. These disorders are simply an unusual way of acquiring new knowledge and skills. However, they disturb the normal academic achievement ...

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Thesis in Natural Language Processing field:

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Arabic PoS tagset

Abstract: Part of Speech (PoS) tagging is still not very well investigated with respect to the Arabic language. Determining the PoS tags of a word in a particular context is difficult, primarily because there is no use of diacritics in ...

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