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We present in this article an Arabic lemmatizer that assigns to each word of an Arabic sentence, a single lemma taking into account the word context. The proposed system comprises two modules. The first one consists in an analysis out of context, based on the morphosyntactic analyser Alkhalil Morpho Sys 2. In the second module, we use the context to identify the correct lemma from the potential lemmas of the word obtained by the first module. For this purpose, we use a statistical technique based on the hidden Markov models, where the observations are the words of the sentence, and the lemmas represent the hidden states. We validate this approach using a labelled corpus consisting of about 500,000 words. The lemmatizer gives the correct lemma in more than 99.21% in the training set and about 94.45% of the words in the test set.

For further details, please check the following paper :

  • Boudchiche, M.; Mazroui, A.; 2018“A hybrid approach for Arabic lemmatization”. International Journal of Speech Technology. –. pp. 1-11. DOI: 10.1007/s10772-018-9528-3